Membership meeting and special election Jan. 22

The Guild will hold a membership meeting at noon on Thursday, Jan. 22, in the Musicians Hall on Delaware St. across from the Star parking structure. There will be a special election to replace former president Abe Aamidor, a features reporter who volunteered for the Dec. 3 layoffs. All dues-paying members can participate in the election.

The special election  will be held in accordance with the bylaws of the Indianapolis Newspaper Guild. Article V, Section 4 states: “Vacancies in the post of Local Officers shall be filled by a guild member in good standing selected by the Executive Committee, but the members so designated shall hold office only until the next membership meeting, at which time a new officer shall be nominated from the floor and elected by secret ballot (if there is more than one nomination.)”

The executive committee appointed three interim officers as a result of the loss of the president. These three offices will be open in the special election, president, 1st vice president and treasurer. The three people elected to these offices will serve out the remainder of the three-year term until the Guild’s next regular election in July 2010.

If you are interested in filling any of these offices, attend the meeting and be nominated. You must be a dues-paying member to be an officer and to vote in the special election. Contact a Guild officer or steward if you want to join in order to participate.

While this time might be inconvenient for members who work in the zones, the PPC and at night, there is no provision in the bylaws for absentee ballots in a special election.


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