2nd round of furloughs

Just like last time, the changes outlined in the letter today from Gannett regarding Furlough No. 2 are all things that the company would have to negotiate with the Guild as exceptions to the contract. Just like last time, the union leadership won’t act until we’ve called together the membership for discussion and a vote, plus examined our options. Just like last time, their proposal would result in a roughly 2% pay cut (depending on income). Unlike last time, if the Guild is going to agree to anything that results in a cut in income, then Guild members in Indianapolis deserve to see some major sacrifice at the corporate level, beyond what they’ve advertised today, as well as a chance to look at the books.

I likely won’t be able to have a conversation with Star management about furlough No. 2 until Tuesday at the earliest, when I return from (ironically) finishing furlough No. 1, which is today. Hang in there, everybody. We’ll continue to get, and relay to you, details and direction. I can tell you that, out of fairness, I’ll be recommending to our board that we won’t collect/deduct dues for one upcoming paycheck.

For the Guild
Tom Spalding, president
Indianapolis News Guild


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