Bargaining resumes Thursday, how you can help

The Indy News Guild bargaining committee is returning to the table from 1 to 4 pm, May 28 (Thursday) as the company will hear us out in terms of structuring a counter proposal to their most recent offer (an offer that we ultimately rejected because of the ambiguous nature regarding ethics and advertorial). We’re meeting at the musicians hall at 11 am, and anyone who wants to sit in and listen is welcome to do so.

Over 5 weeks have passed since our last meeting with the company; we hope to find some common ground with Gannett and get a deal in front of you for a vote. We are negotiating in good faith. We’ll certainly keep you posted, and background as always is at

Here are ways we can help you — show support by wearing your lanyards, use your guild pens, or wear anything else you have on Thursday that is BRIGHT RED. We’ve got extra pens and lanyards on Tom Spalding’s desk in the NW corner of the newsroom, help yourself.


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