Guild rejects Gannett contract proposal

The membership of the Indianapolis Newspaper Guild voted 97-9 today to reject a two-year contract proposal originally put forth by the company April 15. Because this was not a last, final offer the union bargaining team looks forward to resuming negotiations with representatives of Gannett and reaching a deal that is acceptable to both the company and to the journalists and building services workers committed to making the Indianapolis Star the best it can be.



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2 responses to “Guild rejects Gannett contract proposal

  1. Karolynn De Lucca

    Hang tough fellow Guilders!

    In the end we all face some type of cuts, it’s the nature of the beast management has created. All you can do is your best to reduce the pain as much as possible.

    Good work by the bargaining team and a fantastic show of solidarity by the vote of the membership!

    Let me know if I can help in any way.

    In solidarity,

    Karolynn De Lucca
    TNG-CWA Region 6 V.P.

  2. Loved reading this thannks

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