Red Days recap

Just wanted to thank everyone who participated in our Red Days over the past two weeks — especially those who came in on their days off or traveled downtown from the zones just to attend the meetings and show their support for the Guild. The visible support for the Guild at the meetings was impressive. It showed management that our members are united in these contract negotiations.Your Guild reps thought the questions our members asked of Michael Kane and Bob Dickey were strong and made many of the other employees here at The Star aware of how much the Guild is being asked to give up. Nationally, we’ve gotten good coverage from E&P and others of our plight.

Here’s what we’re doing. On Aug. 6-7, 12p-7p, we’re back to the bargaining table with a federal mediator in the room with us. To prepare, the Guild contract bargaining team, which is mustering reinforcements, will meet July 27, 1p-3p, at the musician’s hall. This is an officer and steward only meeting, but e-mail Tom if you would like to attend, as we go over strategy.

Also, we’re in the process of preparing an internal survey so we can get a sample of what members are thinking in terms of elements of a new contract. You will be contacted for your input (and we’ll notify you when it is ready).

We are still in the process of reviewing the “seniority” violations we believe were made during this round of layoffs. Our arbitration for the Dec. 2008 layoff victims we had hoped would occur July 28, but it has been postponed to Sept. 23.

Lastly, please sign your names with your signatures (if you haven’t already) on the thank-you cards near the online desk and photo assignment area in the middle of the newsroom, second floor. We hope to mail these out to our laid-off coworkers by Tuesday, July 28.

That’s it for now. We still have a major fight on our hands, but we’ve shown strength in keeping the company from implementing a draconian 12 percent or higher pay cut — which we believe Gannett had hoped to have already implemented on July 1. Congratulate yourself for your resolve, and keep wearing and using red!

Negotiate, don’t dictate!

— For the Guild,
The officers and stewards of Indy News Guild 70


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