10% cut in effect today

As many of you are painfully aware, the 10% pay cut went into effect today with the payroll for Sept. 18. The Guild has told management that we are examining the before-and-after hourly wage to make sure the calculation was done correctly, but please examine the numbers for yourself (using the Star Lawson website) and notify us if you see a problem (or ask us and we can help if you need it.)

We have notified Human Resources that it appears that the company did not correct the health-care deduction (for those who use Star insurance) but any overcharge will be reimbursed on future paychecks. Health care fees are based on your salary and there are four tiers — so if you fell a “tier” then the amount that you are charged gets reduced. We can help you on that too, if you need it.

• View the Gannett health insurance tiers (PDF)

Lastly, we apologize that the contracts have not been printed. Despite verbal promises from HR during the contract signing Sept. 2-3 that 500 copies of the contract would be printed and distributed within a week (the Star has traditionally printed them and bills the Guild for half) that task never got done, but a complaint to HR today got the ball rolling. We will let you know when they are ready, and also make a digital PDF available at all times on indynewsguild.com.


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