Kronos timekeeping system

The Indy News Guild was made aware Monday afternoon by HR of a new electronic timekeeping system. Please keep in mind that we have not agreed to the Kronos system. We are conducting due diligence on both the security aspect and the logistics, because only a certain percentage of guild covered employees would fully participate.

The note that went out tonight from James Keough states that the goal is to improve efficiency, but having both electronic and manual input seems to thwart the very notion. Keough’s note did not indicate this, but he told us Monday that there could be manual changes made so that if a person started their work day at home they would not be penalized if they didn’t hit their specific entry. Our goal is to make sure that no one is subject to discipline.

Please send us an e-mail at with your thoughts on whether you support this time keeping change. Again, this is a change to work conditions so the guild has some say in the process. The paper’s management has indicated there are no problems at other Gannett sites, and the guild is checking out these claims.

— The officers and stewards of Indianapolis News Guild 70


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