Indy News Guild spared from Q1 furlough

This is a follow-up to an earlier e-mail regarding the Bob Dickey/corporate announcement today. It’s “good” news; the employees covered by the Indianapolis Guild will not be asked to participate in 1st Quarter furloughs. Publisher Karen Crotchfelt told this to Guild president Tom Spalding in the newsroom, in person, this afternoon. She also sent an e-mail to a reporter separately, same comment. We have asked for a statement from the company, in writing. That is pending.

Regardless, this is a victory for the contract. We’ve already made a huge financial sacrifice. The company knows our unit is NOT in a giving mood, especially given the outrageous bonuses paid out to Gannett’s executive leadership.

This is also a reminder that 2011 will represent another milestone year for the Guild, what with negotiations expected to commence in late summer/early fall. We thank you for all your support and/or feedback.

In solidarity,
the officers and stewards of Indianapolis News Guild 34070


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One response to “Indy News Guild spared from Q1 furlough

  1. walter yost

    Excellent news and a lesson to employees at Gannett papers without guilds –
    there are real benefits to having a union contract.

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