List of employees affected by layoffs

The following is a list of the guild covered newsroom employees who were let go by the Indianapolis Star during a round of layoffs that took place on Tuesday, June 21, 2011. We’re posting this list for current and former employees and to clear up incorrect information that’s been reported on other websites.

  • Rob Annis (reporter)
  • Scott Bacon (copy editor)
  • Gretchen Becker (reporter)
  • Marilyn Cooley (copy editor)
  • Julie Dart (copy editor)
  • Mike Davis (copy editor)
  • Bob DiNicola (copy editor)
  • Carolyn Doyle (copy editor)
  • Josh Duke (reporter)
  • Angela Edwards (graphic artist)
  • Jenny Elig (reporter)
  • Melanie Hayes (reporter)
  • Barbara Hoffman (librarian)
  • Kelly Jones (paraprofessional)
  • Kevin Lane (copy editor)
  • Tom Leix (copy editor)
  • Russ Leonard (paraprofessional)
  • Kevin O’Neal (reporter)
  • Geoff Ooley (copy editor)
  • Alan Petersime (photographer)
  • David Savka (librarian)
  • Ted Schultz (reporter)
  • Phil Tatman (copy editor)
  • Maurice Williams (copy editor)
  • Judy Wolf (copy editor)

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