First paycheck since layoffs

For the former Star employees who were laid off on June 21, today was your first post-layoff paycheck with the first installment of the severance money due to you. We were also told by The Star’s HR office that you would receive pay today for your unused vacation and personal leave.

Well, we’ve already heard from a handful of people that their checks weren’t what was expected.

We made a trip down to HR this afternoon and the person with most of the answers — Olivia LaMelle — was out of the office. She’s due back Monday.

Please let us know if something is missing from your check. We’ll collect the information and press your case when someone returns. Of course, your first step should be to contact HR directly. But if that doesn’t work, let us know.


President Bobby King, 509-9026


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  1. Barbara Hoffman

    She’ll probably be getting a lot of of calls on Monday. Since we have direct deposit, we get no information other than the net amount deposited. And, of course, we no longer have a way to access pay stub information – which is ridiculous.

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