Fighting for Affordable Health Care

The Indianapolis Newspaper Guild is concerned about the harsh financial blow many of its members have taken since January 1 from changes to the health insurance coverage offered by Gannett, corporate owner of The Indianapolis Star.

Out-of-pocket costs for prescription drugs, for necessary medical surgeries, for physical therapy and just about everything else have gone up dramatically, cutting deeply into the budgets of workers. For people on Gannett’s family plans, there’s been the added blow of premium increases that, in some cases, amount to more than $200 a month beyond what they were in January. For many, this has meant hardships.

Gannett blames the increase on Obamacare, higher medical costs and how employees have been using health care. We are concerned Gannett is taking advantage of a changing health care landscape to shift more costs to employees.

We cannot sit idly by and let this happen.

The Indianapolis Newspaper Guild is beginning to assert its right, on behalf of its members, to seek proposals for health coverage from sources other than the single, burdensome and family-budget killing plan now offered by Gannett. For our workers, it is a matter of family economic survival.


will be working with unions from newspapers and TV stations owned by Gannett in other cities around the country to show our collective concern about the health coverage.

Gannett must provide its employees with affordable health care.



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