Indianapolis Newspaper Guild members support byline strike in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh byline strike

A screenshot of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette digital edition on Jan. 25, 2018, shows that journalists began a byline strike in protest of Block Communications failing to treat its workers with respect.

For 12 years, the journalists working for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette have gone without raises. They’ve also been hit with pay cuts while receiving worse health care coverage.

All that, while Toledo-based Block Communications, which owns the Post-Gazette, earns more than $100 million in profits annually.

But that’s not enough. The company is demanding even more concessions in Pittsburgh.

The Indianapolis Newspaper Guild stands with our union brothers and sisters at the Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh in calling for a fair contract for workers.

On Thursday, members represented by the Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh began participating in a byline strike. They’ve withheld their bylines from the newspaper and website in an effort to highlight the injustices doled out by Block Communications.

The membership also is noting that their last union contract expired in March 2017.

Block Communications, it’s time to return to the negotiations table. Treat your workers with respect.

Journalists deserve better.



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