Indy News Guild wants a fair health care contract from Gannett

medical-appointment-doctor-healthcare-40568.jpegOver the past several weeks, Indianapolis Star reporters have drawn national recognition for their work. This well-deserved recognition will have a lasting effect on the newspaper’s profile.

But as management throughout Gannett has praised the tireless work of Star journalists, it has become impossible to ignore that negotiations between Gannett and the Indianapolis Newspaper Guild have completely stalled. 

At the center of the issue: health care for Guild members.

In a prior contract, Guild members negotiated to ditch Gannett’s inadequate health care plan. We found a better deal through the United Furniture Workers Insurance Fund — at no additional cost to Gannett.

Yet that’s no longer good for Gannett. The company no longer wants to support its hard-working employees’ wishes.

If members agreed to switch to Gannett’s health plan, we would pay more for inferior coverage. That’s why we’re fighting.

When our contract expired Dec. 21, the Guild and Gannett agreed to maintain the status quo of last year’s health plan on a monthly basis. The agreement is already affecting Guild members. Some members are paying at least $60 more per month for their health care, as negotiations drag on.

The past several weeks have shown us how much #JournalismMatters. Now it’s time to recognize that the people who make journalism possible matter, too.



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