Meet Vic Ryckaert, breaking news reporter


Vic Ryckaert joined the Indianapolis Newspaper Guild to show support as the union fights for journalists. Photo by Michelle Pemberton.

In today’s member profile, meet Vic Ryckaert, a breaking news reporter. He’s worked at The Star since 1997.

1) Why are you in the union?

I appreciate the work the Guild does to fight for and protect my rights as an employee here at IndyStar. It’s only right to support that work.

2) What could newsroom management do to be more friendly to journalists?

This is a tough job. I think it would help a great deal if newsrooms would become more friendly to parents with young children. One benefit of morning breaking news is I have a dependable schedule. My colleagues are not so fortunate. They could also increase the mileage reimbursement.

3) What should they stop doing?

Stop the weekend shift rotations. Again, this is something that doesn’t impact me now, but it does matter to many in the newsroom.

4) Name one journalist who inspires you to do your job every day.

David Carr

5) What is one piece of career advice you’d give to a young journalist just starting out?

What we do is important. What we do matters. We do this not for the pay, but for the thrill of breaking then owning a story. There’s really nothing better.


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