Passing along a few job leads


Wanted to pass on a couple of job leads, two of them close to home, two of them far away.

First, the Daily-Journal in Franklin has openings for a reporter and for a copy editor/page designer. The positions are listed on the website.

Second, James Burger, the guild president at the Bakersfield Californian, read about our plight and said they have two openings out there. I’m told former Star reporter Courtenay Edelhart works there now. Here’s an excerpt from the note I got from the Bakersfield guy.

“Not everyone will be looking to come to the baking heat of California’s Central Valley. But we have a great news town and a thin but scrappy newsroom team under family ownership being run by John Arthur, the former number two editor at the L.A. Times, who understands a bit about the impact of corporate ownership on good journalism.

Like everyone, we are struggling financially. There is no guarantee that things will be all peachy for the long term. But right now the paper is choosing to replace these two journalism jobs — emptied by attrition — while news execs take pay cuts and managers get pink slips.”

— Bobby King
, President, The Indianapolis Newspaper Guild



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