Health insurance reminder and career counseling sessions

An update to our friends and colleagues affected by last week’s layoffs:

Career counseling — We’ve had quite an interest from former Star staffers/Guild members in helping you find your next career. At present, it looks like we might be offering two career sessions with information on resumes, job searches and life after journalism. The first session may be offered as early as Saturday, July 2. The second second session would come later in the month. Stayed tuned here the next couple of days for more details.

Health insurance  — As we’ve mentioned before, your health insurance coverage through the Star will last only through the end of June. But you are eligible for Cobra coverage as soon as your health insurance runs out. Please contact Olivia Lamelle at 444-8165 for details. She can also be reached at



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3 responses to “Health insurance reminder and career counseling sessions

  1. Barbara Hoffman

    I talked to Olivia today and she did not have anything that even vaguely resembled “details”. We need to make a decision immediately about whether or not we want to go with COBRA but we won’t have the information on COBRA for at least 2 weeks, probably longer, so comparisons are impossible. Not helpful.
    Barbara Hoffman

  2. this health insurance sessions will going to be helpful…

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